Alexander Gulin


Alexander Gulin was born in Tashkent and studied at the Uzbek Republic Uspensky Music School. In 1995 he won a special award at the International Tchaikowsky Youth Competition in Sendai, Japan. Subsequently, he continued his graduate and post-graduate studies at the Moscow Conservatoire (Faculty of Historic and Contemporary Performance) and at Oberlin College (Department of Historical Performance and Early Music). He collaborated with Paul Esswood, Trevor Pinnock, Alexei Lubimov, Pierre Hanta?, Marc Mauillon, Philippe Jaroussky, Alison Melville and the ensembles Ā«BaRockersĀ», Ā«Bach ConsortĀ» (Russia), Ā«Il GardellinoĀ» (Belgium), Ā«Bergen BarokkĀ» (Norway), Ā«Toronto ConsortĀ» (Canada), Ā«Apolloā€™s FireĀ» (USA), and others. He is a soloist of the Russian period orchestra Ā«Pratum IntegrumĀ» and took part in recordings of the label Ā«Caro MitisĀ». As a soloist and with various ensembles Alexander plays the baroque and modern cello, as well as the gamba. With the contemporary music group Ā«Studiya novoy muzykiĀ» he took part in the festivals Ā«Moscow AutumnĀ» and Ā«Sch?nberg ā€“ Kandinsky: Sound and ColourĀ».