Music for wind instruments: from Middle Ages till Baroque
Lecture-concert by Ivan Velikanov and the Alta Capella ensemble
The programme gives a rare opportunity to get acquainted with the aspects of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and early Baroque musical culture which are not well-known to the general public: early wind instruments, their evolution and repertoire. Playing zink (cornet), sackbuts (early trombones), shawm (precursor of oboe), dulcian (precursor of bassoon), organ-positive and other forgotten or absolutely changed instruments is supplemented with portions of video showing them in old miniatures, frescos and engravings. Diving into historical instruments’ sounding the audience will make an imaginary travel to the world of medieval knighthood, feel the space of the Venice Gothic churches, become aware of the enthusiasm of Reformation, attend the court of queen Elizabeth I of England…
Duration: 50-55 min
Number of performers: 6

In Castle and on Square
Performance of the Troubadours and Knights Epoch
Popular 13th-16th centuries secular music: compositions of Thibaut IV de Champagne, King of Navarre; last trouvère Guillaume de Machaut; blind organist Francesco Landini; Henry VIII, King of England; anonymous authors. The programme displays wide and various palette of “cheerful” early music genres.
Duration: 45 min
Number of performers
: 5

Venice 100 years before Vivaldi
Venice was one of the most important music centres of old Europe: just here first printed musical books were produced, the first opera theatre was opened, here virtuosic instrumentalmusic appeared…
The programme represents all main musical genres (both instrumental and vocal) which were current in the city at the beginning of 17th century. These are chamber sonatas and canzonas, sacred arias, virtuosic diminutions (variations) on popular songs of previous epoch; pieces by Claudio Monteverdi, Giovanni Gabrieli, Heinrich Schütz, Biagio Marini, Dario Castello, etc.
Duration: 70-75 min (break is desirable)
Number of performers: 5

Please contact artistic director Ivan Velikanov.