Alta Capella is the first Russian early music ensemble playing brass wind instruments of Renaissance and Baroque period (zinks, sackbuts, shawms). So far as music of such various
styles requires quite different instruments for performing – the ensemble staff consists at present of few groups (or sections) including not only wind instruments. These are Alta Capella itself (shawms, slide trumpet), consort of zinks and sackbuts, and also early baroque classical chamber group (zink, violin and continuo) – Alta Capella Soloists.

The ensemble’ uncommon repertoire universality has direct reference to it’s main mission: to involve young talented people (instrumentalists and singers as well) of different
specialities and stylistic areas in early music historical performance. Therefore biographies of performers taking part in our concerts are represented on the web-site along with the main cast – Capella Bassa and Friends.