21st, November, 2013

7 p.m.
All-Russian Decorative Art Museum
(3, Delegatskaya str.)

Vocal-museum club Naraspev (presenter – Varvara Kotova)

Passato il Tempo…

Between Gothic and Renaissance: from the complex to the simple

Capella Bassa ensemble of soloists
Artistic director – Ivan Velikanov (organetto, zink)
Daria Maglyovanaya (viola)
Anna Vassilyeva (vocal, early harp)
Antonina Geronimus (early harp)

The programme includes: Solage, J. Ciconia, G. Dufay, J. Despr?s, B. Tromboncino, М. Cara

More information:

Tickets (300 RUR) are available at the Museum’ booking office before the concert.

Tel.: +7 (499) 973 3214