Ang?lique Mauillon


After beginning musical studies in her native city of Montb?liard, Ang?lique Mauillon moved to Lyon where she graduated from the Regional Conservatorium as a student of C. Truant, on modern harp. At the same time, she pursued parallel studies in musicology at the Lyon University. She then decided to specialize in historical instruments and joined the class of Eug?ne Ferr? at the Lyon National Conservatorium. There, Ang?lique Mauillon received her degree in Early Music and Chamber Music in 2002, with the highest honours. She finished her studies with a postgraduate year at the Scuole Civiche di Milano, under Mara Galassi.

Covering a period from the 13th to the 18th centuries, her wide-ranging interests have led to collaboration with a number of major ensembles. She can be heard on mediaeval harp with Mala Punica, Alla Francesca, Tasto Solo, Canto Coronato or on renaissance harp with Doulce Memoire or Les Jardins de Courtoisie. As soloist or continuo player for baroque repertoire, she has participated in productions with Le Concert d’Astr?e, La Fenice, La R?veuse, Les Paladins, Il Seminario Musicale, etc…

She plays also with her brother, the baryton Marc Mauillon in the medieval project «Le Rem?de de Fortune» of Machault, and in a recital, «Histoires de famille», witch is about baroque italian music.

Teaching also forms an important part of her activities; Ang?lique Mauillon teaches historical harps at Tours Conservatory, and Lyon Conservatory.