15th April, 2015

7 p.m.
Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage
Armoury Chamber

Music festival dedicated to the 600th anniversary of Aristotele Fioravanti

Flower in the wind…

Dedication to Aristotele Fioravanti
Renaissance music

Ivan VELIKANOV (vocal, zink, bombard, organetto)
Anna VASSILYEVA (vocal, gothic harp)
Natalia BAYEVA (shawm)
Alexandra MIKHEYEVA (slide trumpet)
Mikhail OLENEV (sackbut)
Andrey CHERNYSHOV (lute)
Dmitry VLASSIK (percussions)

The programme includes: French, Spanish, Italian XVth-XVIth centuries secular music

Information on the museum web-site and booking on-line

Cultural programmes department: + 7 (495) 697-8817